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Welcome to our program.

Welcome from Ray and Rosalie
For participants in the Focused Psychological Strategies with Relationship Problems professional training.
Bruce Kaplan, New Yorker
Focused Psychological Strategies is an intensive one day program that outlines a range of focused strategies for relationship problems.

It is relevant for working with both individuals and couples who present with issues around relationship maintenance.

Strategies discussed will include psycho-education, behavioral and cognitive interventions, and acceptance based interventions.

To complete the program, participants will need to attend the day, read a relevant reference and post or email a 400 to 600 word reflection on the use of a strategy or strategies (including generic client material if appropriate).

APS endorsed 11-541 (ten hours)

Reference will particularly be made to the work of John Gottman, Michelle Weiner Davis, and Andrew Christensen.  Behavioral, cognitive-behavioral and integrative behavioral approaches will be discussed.

Bruce Kaplan, New Yorker
Course Materials:

John Gottman

John Gottman:

Gottman interview

Gottman interviewed on the online Edge magazine

You can also visit the Gottman Institute online.

Michelle Weiner Davis

Michelle Weiner-Davis:

Why should I be the one to change.

You can also also visit

Neil Jacobsen

Neil Jacobsen:

Outlining the core ideas of the integrative behavioral approach.

Acceptance versus change interventions. 

Andrew Christensen

Andrew Christensen:
 Acceptance, mindfulness and change in couple therapy

Other references:

William Doherty

Bill Doherty on common errors in relationship work

Negative interaction cycle diagram:

(Click on the image to get a version you can save.)

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